Businesses large and small are fast realizing the importance of IOT with BigData and are investing huge amounts of time and money to gather it. For retailers, the ROI potential from unified big data collection is exponential. After all, retailers collect online sales data, mobile and apps data, customer footfall data, as well as enterprise integration’s for loyalty, CRM and ERP.

Beacons provide businesses with endless opportunities to collect massive amounts of untapped data, such as the number of beacon hits and customer dwell time at a particular location within a specified time and date range, busiest hours throughout the day or week, number of people who walk by a location each day, etc. This data then allows retailers to accordingly make improvements to products, staff allocation in various departments and services, and so on.

This session will talk about how to build an android application using IBeacons so that accurate data is generated and stored on the cloud. This data would generally be the customers interaction in the store, customer personal info (gender,age,ethnicity), which product of the store the customer was interested in etc. Using Beacons, Android and Arduino, any business can be fully automated. Interesting analytics can be made on the huge data which is collected on the cloud.


peaker Android, Arduino and IBeaconsTushar Choudhary is an Android enthusiast and has crafted several beautiful applications from Android 2.0 to Android 5.0 with amazing IoT use cases. He is currently working with Xebia India in the mobile team and IoT innovation labs. Tushar has earlier shared his findings at the Mobile Developers Summit 2014(Bangalore), Intel IoT Hackathon(Bangalore), DroidCon 2014 (Bangalore).

Building IoT – Big Data Apps With Android, Arduino and IBeacons
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