Thank you for being a part of the IndicThreads Conference, Pune 2015.
The conference is shaping up very well and we are eagerly looking forward to your talk at Pune15.

Enriching content is critical for a successful conference and also for a fulfilling experience for you, the speaker.

We want your talk at IndicThreads to be your best ever. So we are more than happy if we can assist you with your talk. Feel free to call us at +91-20-32907882 or write to us at with any queries.

Please find below few FAQs, points and suggestions for your consideration.

Do I have to use a conference slide template?

Use of the conference session template is a must for all sessions at the conference. A uniform look and feel helps attendees focus on your content and also provides a professional feel to your presentation. It also helps with slide sharing post conference.
Download The Template (ppt)

Can I use a presentation tool other than MS/Open/Libre Office? Do I still need to use the slide template?

Yes, you can use a presentation tool other than Office. Most of these tools have the ability to import look and feel from a PPT. But if at all that’s not available, please use these background images instead (Slide 0, Slide 1) and try and stick to the uniform conference look and feel.

Will the slides be shared publicly?

Yes. And for that we would ideally want your slides in a PPT.
ODT and PDFs are also ok, but we recommend PPTs because most tools and slide sharing sites seem to do a far better and more consistent job with PPTs than other formats.

Important Dates

  • 12th Feb 2015 – Last date for submission of your presentation
  • 27-28 Feb 2015 – Conference Dates

Presentation Recommendations

  • Font Sizes: Please use 25+ font size for all slide content. Seriously, 25+ for all content. Bigger the better!
    a) Will be visible from the back of the hall b) Force you to not pack in too much .

  • Jam-Packed/Cluttered Slides: This is by far the biggest problem with tech presentations. Please keep the content on each slide to a bare minimum.
    We recommend not more than 2 to 3 bullet points per slide. As far as possible, use words and not long sentences. Not only does the audience lose interest, but jam-packed/cluttered slides also give the impression that the speaker is not well versed with his/her content.
  • Code Slides: If there are code snippets on your slides, please highlight the key portions using a different colour. Makes it easier to understand and works better than pointing things out.

  • Images Make it Interesting: Adding relevant or at times fun images can greatly liven up your slide deck.
  • No Marketing: Please ensure that there is no marketing content for any product/service/company in your slides.

How can I help you promote the conference?
Thank you! We greatly appreciate it. Considering the humongous scale of IT in India and our limited promotion budgets, your help is of great value to us. Thank you!
The easiest way is to post a link to your session or speaker page to social media and your company intranet. It would be great if you could also share the conference info on any tech forums and mailing lists that you frequent.

Other Notes:

  1. All sessions are of about 60 minutes.
  2. We recommend that you use your own laptop to present.
  3. Projector issues are far too common and are almost a certainty with Mac & Linux devices. With Mac devices please also check if you would need to carry any device specific adapters.
  4. Please test your device and it’s projector compatibility prior to your presentation.
  5. We highly recommend that you keep code and slide backups on hand, so to provide for any technology failures.
  6. We flash 5 MIN & TIME reminder placards from the back of the hall. Please do not take offense, it’s only meant to keep things on schedule.

Misc: Presentation Skills

  1. The Seven Deadly Sins of Powerpoint Presentations
  2. Presenting With Powerpoint: 10 Dos And Don’ts
  3. Tips for Presenting at a Java Conference (via JavaOne)
  4. YouTube – Guy Kawasaki 10-20-30 Presentation Rule ** (video)
  5. Presentation Skills & Communication Training (video)
  6. Effective Presentation Skills: Pausing and Speaking Pace (video)