OpenStack – an open source initiative for cloud management – has become a sensation is today’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud space. With more than 10 subprojects to manage server, storage, network, security and monitoring of the cloud, OpenStack has provided a competitive and scalable open source solution in cloud space. Big giants in public and private cloud such as VMware, Amazon and IBM are actively investing into OpenStack and developing their products to integrate with it.

The session will talk about the architecture of OpenStack and will discuss why it has become a differentiating factor for business in cloud space through scalability, automation, intuitiveness and flexibility. The session will also discuss how it integrates with the Platform as a Service (PaaS) layer and scales to public and private cloud.

The session will also contain a live demo of how a simple private cloud can be set up using OpenStack. The demo will explain how OpenStack makes the cloud management easy even for universities and small enterprises to rapidly adapt to their business needs at almost no costs.

Finally, the session will discuss current challenges and trends in OpenStack community and how can one contribute to OpenStack as an enterprise or individual.

The speaker leads development of IBM’s new OpenStack based Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) solution and will share his insights into OpenStack services and components.


Sanket Sangwikar is Advisory Software Engineer at IBM with exposure of systems management domain for 10+ years. He is network virtualization expert in IBM’s Cloud Systems Software Group, having filed several patents in the associated work area. Sanket has done his Masters in Software Engineering and been leading teams on storage and network management applications in cloud space surfacing cutting age technologies to customers. He has extensive experience of presenting various technical papers and product overviews in conferences, to stakeholders and customers.

Unraveling OpenStack Clouds
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