As devices used by our customers are becoming powerful, we are driven to write applications which provide a rich experience. Thus, mobile and web applications today are much more complex compared to what we might have imagined in the Web 1.0 days. Some of this complexity is legitimate, but we end up adding logic on the client-side which can easily be shifted to the servers.

This talk will focus on the architectural considerations to keep as much of the complexity as possible on the server-side. This talk will focus on design considerations while building APIs to service applications running on multiple platforms.

The presenter will share his experience of building APIs servings multiple platforms (iPhone, Android and Web). Certain non-technical aspects will also be highlighted. Target audience are developers and architects who influence development of complex mobile and web applications.


Vivek Jain is a Lead Consultant (Developer) working at ThoughtWorks, Pune with over 11 years of software development experience. Vivek has worked on technologies ranging from search engines (for India’s top job portal to mobile applications(for a major US Airline). Vivek’s responsibilities at ThoughtWorks includes transforming organizations to realize the true potential of technology using agile development practices.

Architectural Considerations For Complex Mobile And Web Applications
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